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Core XVII™ Project

CoreXVII™ is a highly secure internet systems architecture developed by IVARX to enable fully secure delivery of a customized, simple to apply and flexible data / e-commerce infrastructure for any web site.
CoreXVII™ is available for many different clients from; blue chip companies, international marketing agencies, online retailers, Open Source CMS (content management system) users, an individual blogger or online craft store, any one who is just looking for a worry free service. We cannot guarantee commercial success, but we can guarantee a rapid internet introduction, maintained presence, and a level playing field.
CoreXVII™ is web based system utilizing mirrored servers on separate continents which automatically compares any data usage and web payment activities. This provides:

Pencil bulletpoint Server Certification protecting communications overthe web through the industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. Any end user can be assured of the highest levels of purchasing security when they buy from this certified server.

Pencil bulletpoint Intrusion & Hacker proof internet system security with independent and audited daily scanning, this is the same system that keeps the “most” attacked web site in the world safe and online “marines.com” and used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies.
Pencil bulletpointData safe processing by constant automatic background comparison of any input and applied data within mirrored servers. Even the smallest amount of inconsistent data is initially contained and isolated until compared with set conditions of client input of user login, with matched IP address, and PC signature (electronic finger printing).

Pencil bulletpoint Consistent centralized bulk uploads of all clients’ information, products and services directly to search engines, i.e. we go to the search bots rather than hopefully waiting for them to visit you. Providing, even for new web sites and new products or services, an immediate, complete, and ethical SEO provision.
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But once inside CoreXVII™ can I ever leave, with my user data intact?
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Cost and delivery of CoreXVII™?
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Viruses, Spyware, Malware, etc., are not just a game for hackers anymore. As exploiting computers has become profitable, it has drawn in organized crime. Hackers finding new vulnerabilities now can sell them to the highest bidder. Systematic exploitation of the computer user has become a business model. Attacks on the average PC user described in three vectors; exploits (i.e. drive by downloads), stealth and social engineering (1).

Until recently, web sites were essentially untouched by these “PC end user” problems. Unfortunately, that has radically changed; it is the average SME (small medium enterprise) web site which is now the prime target. As a method of delivery of the problems to the end user, in conjunction with spamming, data mining and e-commerce transaction theft. Many web designers and web masters are unaware of their web site even being a cause of infection until they receive notification of blacklisting from a major search engine or spam database-reporting agency. A company’s commercial reputation is damaged for some considerable time if not for good.

A widely used but not well-publicised technique is “ultra aggressive SEO” activity, where either a webmaster or host applies “unethical dominance” within a web hosting / IP environment to illicitly gain the benefit of their neighbouring website’s client hits and visits. This is to artificially improve the “dominant” web site’s Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, or Compete, ratings.


(1) Steve Gibson, Keynote Speech, Anti-Spyware Coalition Conference, Harvard Law School, 27 Jun 2007.
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A simple basis usage of any one of the above provisions within CoreXVII™ is industry proven to add 5-15% on traffic and revenues based on end user trust factor. Recent surveys show an online company’s presence with verified security by a third party lead 9 out of 10 customers to do more business with that company. Also 70% of online shoppers for goods or services will only do business with a company providing such certification.

Where your web site is served from, is just as important as how, for example a European or Asian webmaster may assume that if their web site is physically served within their local market this will ensure a faster response for local customers. Not so, due to search engines and DNS (domain name servers) often being in very different locations. CoreXVII™ resolves this with its servers based within the main internet server compounds.
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Totally, the reverse; for an agency, web designer or web master CoreXVII™ provides a simplicity of use and implementation. When a user enters your web site, which is able to display all of the CoreXVII™ benefits, they can surf easily through your front pages, however when accessing any sensitive data; e.g. user ID, commercial databases, or payment methods. Therefore, from a simple end user key press of “login” or “purchase” is all carried out seamlessly within the CoreXVII™ environment. You provide CoreXVII™ with data in the form of MS Excel, Access, or SQL formats and receive rapid online logs, reports and end user payments.

CoreXVII™ provides a faster and simpler web design process as CoreXVII™ handles all the database queries, user downloads, online store and payment activities, allowing designers and users to focus on stimulating design and content all to W3C international requirements. Further, due to CoreXVII™ bulk SEO submissions there is no need for “keyword stuffing” or any of the other SEO contortions web designers feel they are obliged to use.
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Of course, a client can leave the CoreXVII™ service at any time; also, any data provided by a client to CoreXVII™ is encrypted at source at a very high level. This is for the client’s, end user’s and CoreXVII™ benefit to prevent errors and any possible third party interference.
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Yes there is!

CoreXVII™ “protects and serves” its clients from outside and “within”. Upon application, we carry out a complete web clearance analysis against existing web sites and IP addresses. These checks are for current and historical; blacklisting, spamming, and other web based problem areas.

CoreXVII™ originated from assisting webmasters and hosts in cleanup operations, so we are the first to understand that the individual web designer, webmaster or host did not cause the problems, and often unaware they are even victims. Therefore as a community service if we perceive a initial problem restricting entry to CoreXVII™ we will provide input on what the problem is and any recommended resolution.

CoreXVII™ also constantly checks for any perceived negative web activity from within. Any spam or fraudulent activity from within is immediately paused until resolution, and attempted persistent activity will cause an immediate CoreXVII™ lockout and loss of service. Let us call it a “neighbourhood watch”.

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Initial Consultation
The initial consultation is free of charge. We will discuss your business and requirements in general terms to get an idea of what you are looking for and if we can provide a suitable solution. We treat all out client information confidentially and are happy to sign non-disclosure agreement
Following the consultation we will provide an outline the solution we would recommend, a budgetary quote for this solution and a fixed price quote for the analysis phase and development of the functional specification.

Business Analysis
The first stage in achieving a business system that will really benefit your business is analyzing your business structure and processes to:
Determine what information you need, who needs it and where.
Determine what processes could be automated, managed or aided by the system.
Determine what data should be gathered, when, where and by whom.
Define the roles within your business, this can include roles held by customers and suppliers, and how the processes are divided and communicated between the roles.

Functional Specification

Before developing each phase of the business system we would produce a functional specification for that phase. This will define exactly the functionality of the system added in this phase. It is both a working document for us and a readable document for you so you know exactly what functionality the given phase of the system will provide and how it will work. This document is approved by both parties and at this point a fixed price for development of the phase can be given.

We will develop the system as defined in the functional specification. We will communicate with you during the development, putting areas of functionality in test space on the internet for you to see and try as the system develops. It’s your close involvement in the development of your system that will really make it beneficial to your business.

Test and Release
We will fully test the complete system prior to releasing it to a test area for you to carry out acceptance testing. This is where you run the system through various processes it is designed to handle and verify that it delivers the agreed functionality. Once you are happy with the system we switch it live.

On going costs and license fees
These costs vary depending on the solution you opt for and the payment model we agree on, however we will always make these clear to you up front.
However our simplest solution is as we handle many bulk payments we can gain a significant advantage. So our charge can be the same as if you were dealing with PayPal, bank, credit card payment systems directly.
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